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Merger & Acquisition

Bridge Kennedy International is regularly involved in various Merger & Acquisition transactions assisting international clients in several international and domestic deals.
We commonly provide financial and legal advice, assisting industrial and service businesses as well as commercial and investment entities in structuring, negotiating, completing leveraged and management buy outs, joint ventures, strategic alliances, equity investments, spin offs, and corporate restructuring.

Fairness Opinion

The assessment of the fairness of financial operations involves interests which may diverge. Financial transactions frequently require the intervention of an independent expert to render an opinion as to their fairness and as to the respect of shareholders' rights.
Bridge Kennedy International assists clients on financial transactions, providing fairness opinions upon request.

Business Valuation

The changes in accounting rules and especially the applications of "IAS" and "IFRS" force business people to think constantly about the value of the various asset and liability items, which are reflected, or should be reflected, on the balance sheet.
When carrying out any financial transaction, a client will require determining the fair value and its accounting treatment, based on relevant valuation techniques and objective well supported financial hypotheses.
Bridge Kennedy International is an expert in determining and accounting for fair value, and assist clients in performing auditing of acquisitions, impairment tests, providing determination or assignment of a price and accounting consulting.

Corporate Finance

Bridge Kennedy International works side by side with the client to carry out their acquisition or sale transactions in security, systematically favouring the long term interest of the company.
Bridge Kennedy International helps and assists clients in managing their investments and coordinating their negotiations by mobilizing its expertise to carry out clients' plans for development and expansion, analysing strategies, identifying investment and divestiture opportunities, working on cash flow forecasts and establishing diagnostic tools or tailored risk evaluations.


Tax advice

Bridge Kennedy International provides its clients full advice on direct and indirect tax related matters, both at domestic and international level. Clients are assisted in preparing tax returns and any other filing required by the local tax law.
Tax consultancy is provided for both companies and individuals.

Tax litigation

In case of litigation with competent authorities Bridge Kennedy International - through its member partners - is able to provide comprehensive advice and assistance directly or indirectly related to taxation matters.

Tax Structures

The globalisation process increase the cross border financial operations generating a lot of tax issues, implications and consequences.
Bridge Kennedy International provide international tax advice and legal expertise integrated with the connected business transaction, assisting clients on different tax aspects in a wide variety of domestic and international situations.


Commercial Law

Bridge Kennedy International advises and assists businesses in structuring, developing and following the implementation of their business activities, at both domestic and international level.
Advising clients in establishing their activities and operations, Bridge Kennedy International provides legal and commercial assistance on drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, including supply, agency, distribution and manufacturing agreements.

Corporate Law

Bridge Kennedy International advises businesses in the development and implementation of their legal structure in a personalized manner, following their specific needs and goals.
Working with the deputy legal departments, we assist clients in identifying the most appropriate corporate structure and in subsequently setting up the necessary legal entities in compliance with the domestic and international juridical requirements.
Bridge Kennedy International assists clients in preparing all required documentation, incorporating Companies, managing, reviewing and developing all procedural and legal obligations and steering their implementation, acting also as Company Secretary.

Corporate Governance

Bridge Kennedy International advises businesses in the implementation of development of their governance mechanisms in a personalized manner.
Performing risk mapping, reviewing and developing new procedural models and coordinating the implementation, developing and providing audit of internal control systems and procedures, we work with internal and deputy committees, based on the stakeholder's goals.


Strategic development

The success of a business is based on its development through understanding and mastering its own specific criticality. The increasingly competitive and global scenario in which businesses must now operate requires being able to rely on a "SYSTEMIC APPROACH".
This approach, focusing on the critical elements as a whole, allows the possibility to influence them in an harmonious fashion in order to highlight, capture and develop a range of opportunities aimed at creating value and at achieving success for the company.
The strategy, therefore, as a response to complexity, is a must for every organization, and can be understood as a weapon to define and formalize a corporate project.

The BKI proposal focuses on the following areas:

  • Analysis of the Scale of Values
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Historical framework of the company and strategic existing structure (As Is)
  • Group Structure
  • Laying out the strategic path to cover (To Be)

Talent development

The change from a de facto Taylorist structure to a company where, besides implementing the concepts of delegation of tasks and responsibilities, management autonomy, etc... the "Periphery of the Enterprise" is highlighted (i.e. the totality of the points of osmosis between inner and outer enterprise) requires the ability to attract and retain talented individuals. These individuals represent a Human Capital able to integrate present and future, know-how and innovation, not taking anything for granted within the business processes they are involved in, and instead challenging them applying de facto the key points of "Continuous Improvement."
Introducing systems to assess and evaluate talent within the organization provides a better prospective and, consequently, a portfolio with a solid foundation.
Executing with success the strategy of an organization means identifying the key competencies and aligning motivations and behaviors of individuals with the achievement of assigned objectives.

Process & Organization

"…The business process is a set of interrelated activities, performed within the company, which create value by transforming resources (input process) into a product (output process) for an entity inside or outside the company (customer). The process aims to achieve a business goal, normally determined in the planning phase.
Resources as well as product may be goods, services or information, or a combination thereof. Companies with a quality management system, according to a standard, shall be able to measure and monitor business processes must over time by using key performance indicators."
This definition works when introducing the concept of a process that is in constant mutation and adaptation in front of the demands of flexibility and the often unpredictable nature of the market.
This makes it necessary to give the company the continuous ability to innovate its processes and in general the tenets of the organization itself.
The Bridge Kennedy International proposal aims at a dynamic revision of processes with the help of the most modern organizational tools.

Information technology

is characterized by its ability to integrate business skills and implementation/technological skills that enable the customers to achieve significant and measurable results in all stages of development. BKI assists its clients mainly in:

  • the functional analysis, design, development and management of resources, suppliers, systems and ICT services;
  • the analysis and the optimization of operating, business and sales models as well as process and IT re-engineering;
  • the integration between various IT platforms;
  • the practical application of software engineeringand pertinent methodologies;
  • the leadership of project and program management

Bridge K.I. assists its clients to either resolve critical situations on current projects or to implement a process of change assuming full responsibility for the execution of planned solutions.


Financial Audit

Based on local and international accounting standards, Bridge Kennedy International - through its member partners - provides independent financial audit services of financial statements focused on enhancing the reliability of information prepared by the Companies' accounting department, for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders and specific local statutory requirements.

Internal Audit

Bridge Kennedy International, provides independent financial internal audit services focused to enhance the reliability of information prepared by the Companies' accounting department, and controls the fulfilment and respect of internal and statutory procedures.

Due Diligence

Bridge Kennedy International, assists clients in business transactions, organizing and providing a due diligence process customized to the different types of companies. The relevant areas of investigation may include the financial, legal, labor, tax, and market/commercial situation of the company. Other areas, in generalsupported by Bridge Kennedy International external advisors, may also include intellectual property, IT, environment, real estate property, insurance and liability coverage, debt instrument review.


Bridge Kennedy International provides professional external independent accounting and book keeping services compliant to local and international accounting standards, legal requirements as well as tax regulations.
Accounting services can be personalized and include regular reporting package, highlighting certain information of particular interest to the client in the desired format. Depending on the client's need, accounting services may also provide a customized administration service, where Bridge Kennedy International manages certain routine operations like payments and credit collections on behalf of the client.


Pay Roll

Bridge Kennedy International provides in conjunction with selected external partners a Pay Roll service to its clients in compliance with local standards and contracts, legal requirements and tax regulations.
The Pay Roll service includes the preparation of tax returns and any additional filing related to labour matters required by local authorities, such as social security and national insurance.
Bridge Kennedy International can also provide a customized Pay Roll service, by generating regular and personalized reports based on the client needs and requirements.

Labour Litigation

In the event of litigation with either local authorities or employees, Bridge Kennedy International - through its local partners - is able to provide comprehensive advice and assistance for a settlement negotiation or litigation related to labour matters.

Executive Search

Bridge Kennedy International in conjunction with its local partners assists businesses in structuring, developing and the following the implementation of their business activities at domestic and international level. The process of searching and identifying potential candidates for specific roles at more or less senior levels is often time consuming and not easy, however the selection of the right professionals is key to a company's success. Bridge Kennedy International offers an Executive Search service to its clients, assisting them in the search and identifying candidates for specific roles, leveraging its own or its local partners connections.

Back Office

Bridge Kennedy International provides an external independent back office service, based on the specific requests issued by the client and according the information prepared and disposed.


Bridge Kennedy International provides external domiciliation for clients' legal entities, based on specific needs and requirements identified with the client.